Vassiliki Bouki

BA, MSc, PhD, FBCS, Teaching Fellow


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University Roles

Placement and Employability Tutor; Liaison Tutor for Westminster International University of Tashkent (WIUT); Learning & Teaching Quality Representative;  MC Board (Chair); School Project Coordinator; Course Leader; Exams Officer; Personal Tutor.

Teaching Topics

Web and Social Media Analytics; Usability; Web design; Human Computer Interaction; Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Analysis; Logic and Logic Programming; Semantics; FLASH; PHP; ASP.NET


My name is Vassiliki Bouki. I'm Principal Lecturer at the University of     Westminster, London, UK. Here is my professional summary:

  • 25+ years teaching experience at University level (Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses) – Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science related topics.
  • Main research interests: Educational Technology; Virtual Environments for Training Purposes; Learning and Teaching Videos; Natural Language Analysis in relation to teaching environments
  • Numerous publications in referred conferences and journals
  • Numerous participations in international conferences (Speaker and  Chair at several sessions)
  • Main applicant and supervisor of several funded projects
  • Substansial managerial experience as HSCS Project Coordinator
  • PhD obtained in 1995
  • Senior Fellow of British Computer Society

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What students say

This module was possibly the only module that we actually learnt something. Valli is very good at what she does and very supportive and helpful unlike the other module leaders. 
--- EBSY612 'Web and Social Media Analytics', 2013-2014, 2nd semester 
The challenging web and social media module was interesting. It enabled me to challenge my self.                                    --- EBSY612 'Web and Social Medial Analytics', 2016-2017, 2nd semester
I like the fact that what we are been taught is related to the real world, social media is something that is used on daily basis                                                                                                                                                                                                              --- EBSY612 'Web and Social Media Analytics', 2016-2017, 2nd semester 
The feedback given by coursework was the best i have ever received for any module throughout the three years that i have been attending this uni. In addition to this work was not only marked thoroughly but very quickly too.
-- EBSY612 'Web and Social Media Analytics', 2013-2014, 2nd semester
Very good teacher boukivVery good at explaining teaching material, and always explained twice; The learning material was taught well, it was also presented well with relevant videos and interactive activities now and then, overall very pleased with content and lecturer.
--- EBSY503 'User Interface Design and Usability', 2013-2014, 1st semester      
I think the module was well structured. I found the study material extremely helpful. The lecturer was very forthcoming and understanding.                                                                                                                                                -- 2INS 'IS Development with Web Technologies', 2010-2011, 2nd semester