Vassiliki Bouki

BA, MSc, PhD, FBCS, Teaching Fellow


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University Roles

Placement and Employability Tutor; Liaison Tutor for Westminster International University of Tashkent (WIUT); Learning & Teaching Quality Representative;  MC Board (Chair); School Project Coordinator; Course Leader; Exams Officer; Personal Tutor.

Teaching Topics

Web and Social Media Analytics; Usability; Web design; Human Computer Interaction; Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Analysis; Logic and Logic Programming; Semantics; FLASH; PHP; ASP.NET

Invited Speaker - Links

Invited Speaker

09 June 2010

WestExchange, University of Westminster. Title of talk: 'A Virtual Traning Environment for Teachers'

21 September 2001

Open University of Kythira. Title of talk: 'New Technologies and Teaching', Kythira, Greece. Invited by the University of Athens, Department of Pedagogical Studies. 

12 May 1997

London School of Economics, 'The Qualitative Analysis for Decision Making Seminar', Interdisciplinary Institute of Management, London. Title: 'The Computational Implementation of the Psycho-Social Lexical Orientation (PSLO) Approach in Language Analysis' 

16 June 1996

Imperial College, Research Group of Neural Networks, Department of Electronics, London. Title: 'Modelling the Cognitive Process of Explaining' 

20-21 October 1990

University of Athens, School of Philosophy. Two lectures in 'Philosophy of Mind', Title: 'Philosophy of Mind and Artificial Intelligence'

Links with other Universities

Metropolitan State University, Minneapolis, Minnesota (School of Computer Science)

During February - April 2000 I had the chance to do research in the library of the University, to attend seminars and to see how topics were delivered in distance learning. Invited by Dr. Meicy Kandar.