Vassiliki Bouki

BA, MSc, PhD, FBCS, Teaching Fellow


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University Roles

Placement and Employability Tutor; Liaison Tutor for Westminster International University of Tashkent (WIUT); Learning & Teaching Quality Representative;  MC Board (Chair); School Project Coordinator; Course Leader; Exams Officer; Personal Tutor.

Teaching Topics

Web and Social Media Analytics; Usability; Web design; Human Computer Interaction; Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Analysis; Logic and Logic Programming; Semantics; FLASH; PHP; ASP.NET

Activities - L&T Symposium

Learning & Teaching Symposium, University of Westminster

The University of Westminster organises the 'Learning and Teaching Symposium', almost every year. I participate and present the progress of my work either on my own or with colleagues. My presentations focus mainly on educational applications and the use of 'Simulations for Educational Purposes'. In order to create simulations, I use 'Articulate - Storyline' tool. 'Storyline' introduces 3 modes in the creation of simulation: 'Show', 'Try' and 'Test'. Topics where simulation have been created:  

HTML Programming

Create cognitive maps

Interactive videos (students can interact with the video and select objects that appear on it; if the selection is correctly the video continues and students see the results of their choices).