Vassiliki Bouki

BA, MSc, PhD, FBCS, Teaching Fellow


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University Roles

Placement and Employability Tutor; Liaison Tutor for Westminster International University of Tashkent (WIUT); Learning & Teaching Quality Representative;  MC Board (Chair); School Project Coordinator; Course Leader; Exams Officer; Personal Tutor.

Teaching Topics

Web and Social Media Analytics; Usability; Web design; Human Computer Interaction; Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Analysis; Logic and Logic Programming; Semantics; FLASH; PHP; ASP.NET


Serious Games at Westminster Research Group

Serious Games at Westminster (SG@W) is a multidisciplinary, research group committed to both research and developmental activities in order to foster greater knowledge, understanding and use of serious games in different domains. I'm founded member of the SG@W. The group was recognised by the University of Westminster in summer 2015. Please see our web site: Serious Games at Westminster. We are active in several fields such as:

Research Interests

My main research interests lie in the following fields: 

Educational Technology; Virtual Environments for Training Purposes; Learning and Teaching Videos; Educational Technology and Cognitive Processes involved in learning; Natural Language Analysis in relation to teaching environments.

Furthermore I'm interested in the design and the production of e-books and e-courses for several disciplines (Computing, Interface Design, Social Science, Health Science, Law). Our more recent work is an iteractive excersise using a Law scenario.


Research Students

PhD Completions

  • PROTOPSALTIS Aristidis, PhD Degree, Director of Studies, Title: 'Reading in Web-Based Hypertexts: Cognitive Strategies and Reading Goals' successfully completed 2006
  • CHONDROGIANNH Maria,PhD Degree, Director of Studies, Title: "The Pragmatics of the Modern Greek Grammatical System", successfully completed 2011
  • TANASE Diana, PhD Degree, Supervisory team

MPhil Completion

  • KOLYDA Franzeska,MPhil Degree, Director of Studies, Title:"Examining the Conditions under which Educational Technology Mediates Learning", successfully completed 2014

In progress

  • ARGYRIOU Lemonia, PhD Degree, Supervisory team
  • MARDA Maria, PhD Degree, Supervisory team
  • GEMADE Mamfe-Ter, PhD Degree, Supervisory team


Research Funded Projects

European Projects

D. Parapadakis, V. Bouki

' Panorama of the Audiovisual Market and Education' starting October 1998 till September 1999. EU funding through the MEDIA II TRAINING programme. In collaboration with the European's Children Television Centre (Greece), Centre of Mass Communication Research of University of Leicester (UK), Brainware S.A. (Greece), Options Eurocongress (UK), La Sept Arte (Germany), Baltic Media Centre (Denmark), Nordic Film Institute (Norway) and other participants.

Research Funded Projects within the University of Westminster

@  V. Bouki, D. Economou, A. Angelopoulou "Students’ Browsing Behaviour and Learning Videos: Design Standards and Hyper-links". ECS Research Funding, 2011.

A very interesting project that uses eye tracking methods in order to grab students' gaze while they watch a learning video. We used several videos with different design and we created gaze plots and heat maps (picture in the right). The results of this research have been published in world conferences (see 'Publications'). 

The gaze plot created with TOBII eye tracker

@  A. Angelopoulou, J. Lee, D. Economou, A. Psarou, V. Bouki "Mobile Multi-User Augmented Reality (AR) gaming – the ‘Sutton Hoo’ project" ECS Funding 2010-2011

An interdisciplinary research project. We created an augmented reality (AR) game for the Sutton Hoo archaeological place.


Who is the king of Satton Hoo? Excavation 1939                                    Byzantine silver plate at Satton Hoo

@  D. Economou, V. Getoff, V. Bouki "wmin-mobile, a mobile learning platform for information and service provision to enhance the learning experience", ECS Funding 2010

@  V. Bouki "A Virtual Training Environment (VTE) for Teachers". Learning Teaching and Development Fund 2008-2009, EIC, University of Westminster October 2008-October 2009.

A very succesfull project that had as output an environment where teachers can be trained, learn about good practices and play a game about 'behaviour in class'.


Video for 'VTE for Teachers'

Video for 'Teaching Game'

@ V. Bouki and W. Purdy "Facilitating Student Centred Learning by Learning Videos Hosted on Blackboard". Mini Development Fund 08-09, EIC, University of Westminster. December 2008 - December 2009 

@ V. Bouki "Feedback about Feedback for 3rd Year Projects". Mini Development Fund 08-09, EIC, University of Westminster. December 2008 - December 2009

@V. Bouki and S. Modi "Assessment and “Concurrent Learning” " Year 1 and 2 Mini Development Fund – TIER (Teaching Informed and Enriched by Research), EIC, University of Westminster. April 2007 – April 2009

@V. Bouki ''E-learning Technologies: evaluation and use of software to create learning videos'. Mini development fund of the University of Westminster. starting date: December 2007, ending date: October 2008. As part of the MDF 07-08, the following learning videos were produced (they open in new window): 

 Turn-It-In Instructions for Students (Learning Video Created Using Wink)

 Turn-It-In Instructions for Lecturers (Learning Video Created Using Camtasia

 Teaching Flash Animation  (Learning Video Created Using Demo Builder

created with Wink created with Camtasia created with Demo Builder

@V. Bouki 'Final Year Project and Plagiarism'. Mini development fund of the University of Westminster. starting date: January 2005, ending date: September 2005.

@V. Bouki, D. Parapadakis, L. Boubert, A. Rumpus, W. Whittlock The Learning Skills Project - Phase 3. Developmental fund of the University of Westminster. starting date: January 2001, ending date: January 2002.

@V. Bouki, D. Parapadakis, New Cavendish Computer Science, Educational Initiative Centre, and IRS Learning Skills Project - Phase 2 ('Employability Skills'), Developmental fund of the University of Westminster. starting date: October 1999, ending date: October 2000.

@V. Bouki, R. Carsley, D. Parapadakis, J. Pearson, A. Rumpus and IRS 'Learning Skills', Developmental fund of the University of Westminster. starting date: January 1998, ending date: January 1999.

@V. Bouki, A. Rumpus, V. Konstantinou. 'Intelligent Self-Study Notes', Developmental fund of the University of Westminster. starting date: August 1995, ending date: July 1996.



V. Bouki. "A Virtual Traning Environment for Teachers",09 June 2010.  WestExchange, University of Westminster. 

V. Bouki. 'Electronic Commerce'. 28 June 1999. Presentation within the EU program 'PANORAMA AUDIVIUAL MARKET', 25-29 June Thessaloniki 1999.

V. Bouki. 'Understanding E-mail' and 'Understanding Internet'. 25 and 26 March 1999. Two presentations within the EU program 'PANORAMA AUDIVIUAL MARKET', 24-26 March Thessaloniki 1999.